What is PEMF?

A therapy that enhances the body’s natural healing process and stimulates its natural healing functions.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) is a new non-invasive method that mimics the body's natural process for healing by delivering targeted electric fields as treatment for multiple medical conditions related to injuries and inflammation in bones, cartilage and soft tissue.

It is well established that the electric field in the human body is a significant part of the natural healing process. The human body produces electric fields that control the processes of remodeling and repair bones and cartilages.

PEMF is now available to the clinical practice to deliver electric fields non-invasively to the treatment area.

How does it work?

The NovoPulse MKX-1 directs an electric field into the cartilage with proper amplitude, orientation, distribution and duration for maximum therapeutic effect. 

The electric field is carried to the treatment zone by a pulsed magnetic field generated outside the body. The generated electrical signal stimulates cartilage and surrounding tissue repair. 

Multiple studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of PEMF in suppressing inflammation, alleviating pain and boosting tissue restoration. PEMF enhances the body’s natural healing process and stimulates its natural healing functions.

The benefits of PEMF therapy have been demonstrated in a wide range of medical conditions, with well documented trials carried out at hospitals worldwide. Additionally, PEMF stimulation has been demonstrated to significantly improve the outcome of non-union bone fractures, spinal fusions and wound healing.

The scientific and medical advances of the last decade have made it possible to introduce new medical devices for pain management and osteoarthritis. It was demonstrated that PEMF can significantly increase cartilage joint thickness – a major achievement in osteoarthritis treatment. Today advanced PEMF therapy promises not only to slow down the progress of osteoarthritis but even, in many cases, to reverse it.

The human joints have very complicated geometry and comprise many tissues of various electrical resistivities. That makes delivery of adequate electric fields into the treatment zone (cartilage) challenging. NovoPulse is the only product which delivers the electric field to the cartilage with the appropriate amplitude, distribution, and orientation.

Relief for Pain

My patient could walk again.

"I had a patient who came to me confined to a wheelchair for 12 months due to low back pain.  He traveled from the country of Qatar with the hope of being able to walk again.  With the use of the NovoPulse device, he made significant overall progress and is able to walk again! 

Specifically, we have been able to reduce the severity of his low back pain from a 9-10 to a 0-2/10, decrease the frequency of his pain from constant to intermittent.  He is also able to sit, get up from a seated position and lie supine all of which he was unable to perform before starting treatment.

This patient has estimated an overall percentage of improvement of about 60-70% since starting treatment.  He has not had any emergency room visits since starting treatment and has also significantly reduced his prescription medication usage."

~ Dr. Josh S., Chiropractor

NovoPulse could make a difference for you or your patients.

Safe, effective, long lasting pain relief is available.

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